pva 7ss6.2 chapter6 lesson 2

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Term Definition
James Madison promised a bill of rights would be added to the Constitution
James Madison American statesman, he was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, the 4th president
James Madison father of the Constitution for his proposals at the Constitutional Convention
majority rule the idea that the greatest number of people in society can make policies for everyone
petition to make a formal request of the government
petition any american can present a ___ to a government offical
search warrent order gives authorities permission to search someone's property
search warrent only issued when it seems likely that a search might uncover evidence
due process the law must be fairly applied
due process the fair application of the law
indict formally accuse a person
indict a grand jury decides if there is enough evidence for a serious crime
double jeopardy cannot be tried again for the same crime
double jeopardy the act of trying a person twice for the same crime
eminent domain power to take personal property to benefit the public
eminent domain to take private land to build a public road
draft required military service
draft a system of required service in the armed forces
political action committees groups that collect money for candidates who support certain issues
political action committes people help campaigns by giving money
interest groups groups of people share a common interest that motivates them to take political action

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