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Term Definition
Absolution The forgiveness of sin that we receive from God through the church in the Sacrament of reconciliation
Baptism The sacrament that makes the person a child of God and a member of the church.It takes away original sin and all personal sin and makes the person a temple of the Holy spirit
Communal Celebration In a communal celebration, the assembly gathers to pray and hear God's word.Each penitent then confesses his or her sins to a priest,receives a penance,and is absolved individually
Confession Telling our sins to a priest in the sacrament of reconciliation. What we confess to the priest is private
Confesser A priest who acts as God's minister when he listen to our confessions
Conscience God's gift which helps us know the difference between right and wrong.It also helps us recognize whether an action we already did was right or wrong
Contrition Sorrow for sins and a willingness to do better.Contrition is our first steps toward forgiveness.As part of the sacrament of reconciliation,we pray an Act or Prayer of Contrition
Conversion A sincere change of mind.heart,and will away from sin and toward God.The Sacrament of reconciliation is a sacrament of conversion
Examination of conscience A prayerful way of looking at our lives in light of the ten Commandments,the Beatitudes,the life of Jesus,and the teaching of the church,It helps us know whether what we have done is right or wrong
Grace A sharing of God's own life
Holy Trinity A three' persons in one God:God the father,God the son,and God the Holy Spirit
Holy Water Water blessed by the priest for a religious purpose
Individual celebration In an individual celebration, the penitent meets with the priest in the reconciliation room.The penitent confesses his or her sins to the priest,receives a penance,and is absolved
mortal sin A serious sin that separates us from God's life
Original Sin The name given to the first sin of humans.Because they disobeyed God and turned away from his friendship,original sin is passed to all of us
Paschal candle a candle that is blessed at Easter Vigil and is burned during the Masses of the Easter season.It is also burned at Baptisms and funerals throughout the year
Penance A prayer or good action that we do to show we are sorry for our sins and want to do better.In the Sacrament of reconciliation,the priest gives us a penance
penitent The person who confesses his or her sins to the priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliaton
Precepts of the church Laws of the church that helps us know what we should do to grow in love of God and neighbor
Priest A man who is ordained to serve God and the church by celebrating the sacraments,preaching and presiding at Mass.The priest is the confessor,or minister of the Sacrament of reconciliation.
Reconciliation a coming back toghether
Reconciliation room A room or chapel in which the confessor, or priest,hears the penitent;s confession of sins The room is usually furnishes with chairs,a kneeler,a table for the Bible,and a candle.
Sacrament An outward sign that comes from Jesus and gives us grace,a share in God's life
Sacrament of Penance Another name for the sacrament of reconciliation
Sacrament of Reconciliaton A sacrament of forgiveness through which the sinner is reconciled with God and the Church.
Scriptures the word of God contained in the Bible.The word Scripture means "Holy writing".Scripture is used for reflecting on God's love and forgiveness in the sacrament of reconciliation.Scripture is proclaimed by a lector,or reader,at mass,at communal celebration,
sin The choice to disobey God.Sin is a deliberate choice,not a mistake or accidents.We accept God's loving forgiveness for our sins when we show by our sorrow that we are willing to do better
Stole A vestment the priest wears around his neck when celebrating the sacraments
venial sin A less serious sin that weakens our friendship with God

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