reeves test 8-10 Earth Science vocab

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the vibration of Earth produced by rapid release of energy earthquake
the location on Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake epicenter
earthquake wave that pushes and pulls rocks in the direction of the wave P-wave
thin,rocky outer layer of Earth crust
a layer below the mantle about 2260 kilometers thick outer core
rigid outer layer of Earth lithosphere
mountain formed of lava volcano
volcano belt that rims the Pacific Ocean ring of fire
the point within Earth where an earthquake originates focus
vibrations that travels through Earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake seismic waves
the solid innermost layer of Earth, about 1220 kilometers inner core
the 2890 kilometer- thick layer of Earth located below the crust mantle
heat in the mantle capable of producing the Hawaiian Islands hot spot
a weak plastic layer of the mantle situated below the lithosphere asthenosphere
seismic wave that shakes particles to the direction the wave is moving S-wave

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