RTH 135 Lab Final

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6 reasons to have a X-ray Pneumothorax, unexplained hemoptysis, intubation tube placement, insertion chest tube, insertion PICC lines & nasa/oro gastric tube insertion
5 types of views for X-rays AP, PA, lateral, lateral decubitus & lateral neck
What view is gravity dependent? Lateral decubitus
Which view is to diagnose croup, epiglottis & to view tissue in the upper airways? Lateral neck
Narrowing of airway from inflammation is due to Croup or steeple sign
Epiglottis or Thumb print sign causes Tissue obscurity in airway
What is the Cardiac Thoracic ratio 1:2, less than 50% of width of thorax
Gastric bubble is Where the stomach should be on a X-ray
Hemidiphragms right side should be slightly elevated due to Liver
What is the area of vessels & artery congestion Hilar region
How many ribs should be seen in X-ray image 10-12
What is hyperinflation? Increased rib spacing
Who is at risk for hyperinflation? COPD; over ventilation & neonates being intimated and given too much pressure.
Abnormalities Ia??m chest X-rays Air bronchograms, Atelectasis, ARDS/IRDS, COPD, Croup, Cystic Fibrosis, Epiglottis, Pleural Edema, Pleural Effusions, Pneumonia, Pneumothorax & Silhouette sign
No vascular markings, hyperradiolucency (clear black) Pneumothorax
Air filled bronchioles Air bronchograms
Obliteration of borders of heart Silhouette sign
Patchy scattered infiltrates Pneumonia
Causes meniscus sign Pleural effusions
Hyperradiolucency in one area; fissure on border of lung Atelectasis
Honeycomb pattern CF
Ground glass pattern; pebbles ARDS/IRDS
Pleural Edema looks like Fluffy clouds, batwing or butterfly pattern, Kerly B lines
Kerly B lines are lines on lower lung border due to interlobular septa thickening.. they are __ cm long, 2
When looking at symmetry on a a patient what 3 things do you check for? Clavicles, breast tissue & to make sure film captured all lung area in image and none is left out

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