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Are microscopic prokaryotes Bacteria
Are similar to bacteria and share many characteristics with them, including the lack of membrane-bound organelles Archaea
An inflammation in the lungs Pneumonia
Bacteria that does not need oxygen Anaerobic
Bacteria that needs oxygen Aerobic
Long whip like structures on bacteria used for movement Fragella
A cell division that forms two identical cells Fission
Two bacteria of the same species attach to each other and combine their genetic material Conjugation
Forms when a bacterium builds a thick internal wall around it's chromosomes and part of the cytoplasm Endospore
A term that means"those that love extremes Extremophiles
The breaking down of dead organism and organic waste Decomposition
Us the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compounds that are usable by living things Nitrogen fixation
The use of organisms,such as bacteria to clean up environmental pollution Bioremediation
Agents that cause diseases Pathogens
Are medicines that stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria Antibiotics
The capacity of an organism to defend itself against a disease Resistance
Is a process of heating food to a temp that kills most harmful bacteria Pasteurization
Is a strand of DNA or RNA surrounded by a layer of protein that can infect and replicate in a host cell Virus
A change in genetic material Mutation
A protein that can attach to a pathogen and make it useless Antibody
When a virus makes copies of itself in a process Replication
Continue replicating with out damaging the host cell Latent virus
Hiv Human immunodeficiency virus
Is a mixture containing material from one or more deactivate pathogens Vaccine

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