Science 6 Light Science 6 Properties of Light

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transparent matter that allows light to pass through with almost no disturbance
lens a piece of transparent material with at leaset one curved surface
translucent allowing some light to travel through and blocking some light or bouncing it in different directions
opaque matter that reflects or absorbs all light
shadow a dark area produced by an object blocking the passage of light
law of reflection a physical law that states that the angle between an incoming light ray and a surface is equal to the angle between the reflectedlight ray and the same surface
plane mirror have a flat surfce, images appear as exact copies, though they are reversed
concave having a surface that curves inward
convex having a surface that curves outward
mirror an object with a polished surface that forms reflected images
refraction the change in direction of a wave because of a change in the medium it is traveling through
convex lenses form images by refracting light rays together
focal point the point at which the light rays meet
concave lens curves inward and forms an image by spreading light rays apart
telescope a device that collects light and magnifies images to make distant objects appear closer

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