Section 2.3 Study Guide

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Term Definition
Where Did Human Kind Begin? Archaeologists have discovered that humankind first began in East Africa.
Cultural Difusion The movement of customs and ideas from one culture to another.
The Bantu They were from West africa
Colonialism The practice of one nation conquering and acquiring territory that it then governs and usually uses to its advantage.
Rwandan Genocide The Hutus were killing the Tutsis
3 Religions of Africa Christianity and Islam and Analisim
Languages of Africa English and French
Ethnic Group A large collection of people with the same cultural background, united by language, religion, or ancestry.
Refugee Someone who has left their home and does not have a new home to go to.
Pan-African Pan-Africanism is a movement that has encouraged the unity of all Africans and people of African descent from all over the world.
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