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A majority of people who lived in towns located on the coast of Latin America would most likely be involved in ___________ fishing
What impact have the Andes and Rocky Mountains had on human activity? Often served as a barrier to trade and communication
Civilizations differ from culture groups because only civilizations have __________ job specialization, writing systems, and cities
The regions of the Western Hemisphere include: North America, Mesoamerica, Caribbean, South America
The goal of the North American Free Trade Agreement is to ________ establish the independence of North American countries
Brazil exports coffee beans, bananas, and timber to countries around the world. This practice illustrates: interdependence
Which concept do these images illustrate? Different groups of people in the Western Hemisphere have struggled for equality and civil rights.
Based on this timeline, when did the Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs begin? 1519
The main idea of this reading is _________ the European desire for low priced sugar could only be satisfied by a suitable growing climate and a cheap labor force.
One piece of evidence that supports the main idea is __________ if you could capture Africans and turn them into slaves, you would not have to pay them
The international exchange of the products in these photographs illustrate: cultural diffusion
A patriotic holiday celebrated by the peoples of Canada, United States, and Mexico is ________ Independence Day
The above quotation describes Native Americans from the perspective of ___________ A European explorer

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