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Brand Generic Basic info
Gleevec imatinib Class: BCR-ABL1st line, 1st to market, most resistanceWITH FOOD400-800 mg QDOnly BCR-ABL inhib approved for pediatric use (340mg/m2/day)anemias, edema, rash, diarrhea,
Bosulif Bosutinib Class: BCR-ABL, second"generation", covers more mutations. 500mg QD, with food, no PPIs
Tasigna Nilotinib Class: BCR-ABL, 3rd gen, covers more mutations. 300-400 BIDWITHOUT FOODBBW: qt prolongation and sudden cardiac death. Monitor ECG regularly.Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
Sprycel dasatinib Class: BCR-ABL, second"generation", covers more mutationsWith FOODADE: LUNG , Pleural effusion, Pulmonary HTN
Iclusig ponatonib Class: BCR-ABL- only one that covers T3151 mutation. BBWS: Arterial occlusion, Heart failure, Hepatotoxicity, Venous thromboembolism
Class Card TKI, VEGFi RegorafinibPazopanibSorafenibSunitinibvandetanibcabozantinib MOA: Hand and Foot Skin Reactions, HTN, BBW for hepatotoxicity
Nexavar Sorafenib Contraindicated with Carboplatin and paclitaxil in lung cancerEMPTY STOMACH
Stivarga Regorafenib MOA: VEGFiEMPTY Stomach
Votrient Pazopanib Hair discoloration (prominent)Empty StomachQT PROLONGATION
Sutent Sunitinib Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Class cardTKI, EGFR inhibiotr lapatinibneratinibafatiniberlotinib Acnieform rash, Derm issues.Not in KRAS mutations.
Tykerb Lapatinib MOA: EGFRiHER2 + breast cancerEMPTY STOMACHHeart issues (QT and LVF)
Nerlynx Neratinib MOA: EGFRiHER2+ breast cancerANTIDIARRHEAL prophylaxis w/ food
Iressa Gefitinib MOA:EGFRiNSCLC
Class cardTKI, BCR-ABL inhibitors(5) imatinib,bosutinibnilotinibdasaitinibponatinib MOA: Blocks atp binding and phosphorylation of BCR ABL protein.Used for hematological cancers (CML, ALL)that are Philadelphia Chromosome +Monitoring: LFTS, CBC, Cardiac, Renal Func: Moderate emetic potentialcan use growth factor to offset hemo

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