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A system that divided powers between the states and the federal government Federal system
Vote to bring charges of serious crimes against a president Impeach
To cancel Veto
These commands have the power of law Executive orders
Freedom from punishment Pardons
First African American to sit on supreme court Thurgood Marshall
First women to sit on supreme court Sandra day o' conner
Promised that a bill of rights would be added to the constitution James Madison
This is the idea that the greatest number of people in society can make policies for everyone Majority rule
To make a request of the government Petition
This order gives au authorities permission to search someone property Search warrant
This means that the law must be fairly applied Due process
Formally accuse Indict
He or she cannot be tried again for the same crime Double jeopardy
This is the power to take personal property to benefit the public Eminent domain
Foreign born people whose parents are not citizens must move to the US Naturalist citizens
To return to the country of origin Deport
Required military sevice Draft
Groups that collect money for canadidates who supportcerrain issues Political action committees
These groups of people share a common interest that motivates them to take political action Interest groups

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