SS Chapter 4

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What is the red land vast desert areas of burning sands
Which ancient Egyptian leader fought against the Hittites in the area that was then called Kadesh. Ramses ll
What region did the Nile Delta form. Lower Egypt
What is the book of the dead a guide to the afterlife for dead souls
Skilled artists created paintings on the interior wall of the pyramids and burial chambers depicting daily Egyptian life primarily to……. -provide the person buried with all the objects and pleasures shown
What 365 day calendar did the Egyptians develop. The solar calendar
What aspects of its culture Nubia took from Egypt Gods and the use of pyramids
Which one of these about Nubians is false: They were in closer contact with other African peoples than the Egyptians. They developed their own writing system. Their idea of kings as gods may have spread to Egypt. Their culture was the same as Egypt’s. They developed their own writing system.
What made the effect of Nubians having less land to farm than Egyptians was. they were more motivated to trade
What is the difference between the civilizations of Egypt and Nubia the Nile cataracts were responsible for. ships could not travel upstream from Egypt
What is The reasoning as to why Egyptians believed that they needed to preserve their bodies for the afterlife. So they can live an amazing afterlife in the underworld
who was the sun god. Amon-Re
Who was the first pharaoh and leader who united the Kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt was. Narmer
What was a scribe a piece of paper usually with a not on it
Which fields the Egyptians needed to be proficient in, in order to construct the pyramids. mathematics

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