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The New England colonies supported many _________________________, or groups of business that provide certain good and services. industries
A body of lawmakers is called an assembly
The _______ are the islands between southeastern North American and northern South America. West Indies
King Charles II decided to ______________________, or give, land in North America to William Penn. grant
The way people use their resources to meet their needs and wants is called an economy
The British included people from Scotland
The economies of the colonial regions differed because they had different resources
Plantations specialized in producing cash crops
Someone who agreed to work for an employer for a set period of time in order to pay off a debt was called indentured servant
Why were the Quakers mistreated in England? They practiced a different religion from most English people
The British wanted the area they names New York so that British settlers in New England could move westward
Two colonies to the east of Lake Erie that offered jobs in the farming and iron mining industries were New York, Pennsylvania
Just south of a colony established as a safe place for quakers was the colony of _______________________ Maryland
Lord Baltimore established Maryland as a safe place for Catholics
The colony of Georgia was founded in part to prevent an invasion of the British colonies by _______________ moving north from ________________. Spanish Florida
A public sale where slaves were sold to the highest bidder is called a slave auction
Capturing, transporting, and selling people is called the slave trade
The ___________ is the exchange of goods and slaves between Europe, the Americas, and West Africa. triangular trade
A ___________ was the person in charge of the work of slaves. overseer
The __________ is the voyage of slave ships across the Atlantic Ocean. Middle Passage
What did Europeans offer to trade the people of West Africa guns
What choice did West Africans make about the slave trade? refused to take part in slave trade, tried to find slaves outside their nations, traded people who were already enslaved
Where were most slaves in the West Indies and British North America put to work? sugar and tobacco plantations
When Africans captured in the slave trade arrived in the American colonies, they were first sold at scrambles or slave auctions
Why did some slaves pretend not to understand what they were told to do? It was a form of resistance
In general, which slaves had the hardest life? field workers

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