SS Review Social Studies

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What impact have the Andes and Rocky mountains had on human activity? The served as a barrier for trade and communication.
Within a market economy, corporations decide… How a product will be produced.
The president and the prime minister are both chosen… by the people
The international exchange of Coca-Cola and sugar are both example of… cultural diffusion
A patriotic holiday celebrated by the people of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is… Independence day
The country that is now Canada was colonized in the 1700s by mainly.. The English.
What is one thing that was exported by the American Indians to Europe was.. POTATOES!
The last king of the Aztecs was… Montezuma ll
the first president of the U.S. was… George Washington
The Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs began in… 1519
The first Europeans to come to the US came in… The 1600s
Shepards are people who… herd animals

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