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What is the set of institution by which a society is "ruled"? Government
What approach is government argues that what must exist as it is and not tampered with because it serves a neceessary approach ? The Functionalist Approach
The basic job of the government is to protect what from internal and external enemies Its citizens
What is the maintance or administration of what is consider fair by law or judicial proceedings ? Justice
through justice means different things to different people in nearly every society considers it to meaan what ? To everyone their due
What are the five primary fuctions of government ? Maintaining iternal order and external security, ensuring justice, safeguarding individual ffreedom, regulating individuals actions, and promoting tthee general welfare
What is the three contrasting views of government? A neccesary evil, government as a positive good, and government as an unneccesary evil
The view of liberal, conservatives , rectionary, and anarchist philosophies of government on how strong government should be is what? All their view is differ
What are the two primary forms of government? Democracy and Autocracy
Freedom of speech, effectve representation of the people , and free election is what? The three distinguishing characteristics of a democracy
The democratic concept of the individual is what? That he or she is rational , equal to all others, and primary.
Common justifications for an autocracy includes what? the reprentatives of markets, the need for a temporary market caretker, and tthe lack of requirements for a democracy
What is the four characteristics of an autocracy? Loyalty to the party or state, rule by leaders, one party monopoly and a controlled press
What is the product of the state controlling the press and structuring the flow of information to the people in order to make the state look good ? Propaganda
in what year did England adopt the Magna Carta or great character which forced King John to agree that free men hadd rights and liberties that could not be trampled on ? 1215
Has developed consideably in the US since the Declaration of Independence was written and has played n important role in eliminating slavery, expanding educational oppurtunities , and stimulating efforts to eliminate proverty ? The Democratic Ideal of Equality
Who was the fisrt black Supreme Court Justice? Thurgood Marshall
Who is our current black Supreme Court Justice? Clarence Thomas
Who is our current Vice President of the US? Mike Pence
Who is the current Governor of North Carolina? Roy Cooper
After 9/11 , President Bush followed a policy in which the US would attack terrorists where ever they commit terrorist acts; this policy is called what? Preemption
In what countries do the US have difficulty in controlling their events and have stand against US demands. Iraq, Iran, N Korea
Who argued that war is merely a continuation of politics by other means? Karl von Clausewitz
War making in humans depends on what? Acquired attitudes , beliefs, and point of views
What is diplomacy ? On a international level , reason discussion
throughout the history of the nation-state ; diplomacy try to avoid what? War
Who was the founder of modern international law ? Hugo Grotius
What in the maintenance of order and peace has always been limited ? The usefulness of international law
Who was the first to use comprehensive approach to the problem of war by a group of states? League of Nations
Who is the most powerful organ of the United Nations, responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security? the Security Council
the United Kingdom, Russia , and the US are permanent members of what? the UN Security Council
Why did the US withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ? Because the organization was hostile toward the institutions of a free society
What percent in 2009 did the US contribution or assessment pay towards the United Nations budget ? About 25 percent
The UN military sanction in its peacekeeping efforts is supposed to be what? the final recourse
What is blame for a threat to peace, breach of peace, or act of regression: severance of diplomatic relations , the complete or partial interruption of economic relations with the dissident state, and the use of armed forces? All are coercive measures which the United Nations can take against states
When imposing sanctions , why is the UN limited? Members states their sovereignty
Why is the practice of treaties registered and published by UN Secretariat ? It is designed to reduce the chances of secret agreement existing.
What has supervisory over the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons ? The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Why did the Soviet Union breakup ? Ethnic unrest
What has the government in Africa been ? Autocracies
in the mid 1990s who's border still remained a trouble spot ? South and North Korea
Between 1922 and 1939 , how much did the Jewish Population rise ? From 84,000 to 445,000
What successor party was Fatah ? Arafat's
Is the area of the world that experts believe holds the potential for the next worldwide war ? The Middle East

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