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tribe a group of families bound together under a single leadership.
leage an organization that unites people for a specific purpose.
longhouse Iroquois building used for shelter
wampam polished seashells hung on strings or weaven into belts
reservation land set aside by the us qout specifically native americans.
lodge large round hut built over a drop hole made from wood and dirt per
teppee type of home that the plain indians lived in after the horse changed their way of life.
trovois used for the trors partation of goods.
powwow gathering of people to celebrate their culture.
Pueblo Spanish word for village; a Native American tribe who lived in the Southwest;they were farmers who used methods of irrigation lived on mesas and cliff dwellings (pg 89)
kachinas Spirits who brought rain;the tribes did dances the kachinas(pg 89)
Potlatelo a chinook word for which mears to give away a way to show wealth and generosity
Moctezuma leader of the Aztects when Henrando cortez conquered the aztec empire
Hernando cortes Conquered the aztec empire

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