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1. Alice provides a function called__________, which is part of the world object that generates a random number in a specified range
2. Alice is a 3D programming environment that is an introduction to object oriented programming. (t/f) True
3. All Alice programs start with " first method" (t/f) True
4. This is your local drive found on the school network. H drive
5. How (in general) do you join strings together? A joined with B
6. HTML comments start with <!– and end with –> (t/f) True
7. In Alice you can view the objects in which two different ways? Single View and Quad View
8. In Alice, there are four data types, what are they? Number, Boolean, Object, Other
9. In Alice, there are primitive functions associated with all objects, including the world object (t/f) True
10. In the Fish/Gumdrop project we used which operator to determine which gumdrop is closest to the fish?
11. What allows you to create a group of items of the same data type? List
12. What allows you to reuse code without having to repeat it?
13. What data type do you use for 1 or more letters Other
14. What data type do you use for a character? Object
15. What data type do you use for positive, negative or decimal numbers? Number
16. What data type do you use for yes/no or true/false questions? Boolean
17. What does HTML stand for? Hyper Text Markup Language
20. What is the correct HTML element for inserting a line break?
18. What is the correct HTML element for the largest heading H1
19. What is the difference between a method and a function?
20. What are the different Boolean data types? A function returns value and a method doesn’t

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