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administration a team of executive branch officials appointed by each president
ambassador official representatives to foreign governments
biennial taking place every other year
budget a plan for raising and spending money
bureaucracy an organization of government departments,agencies,and offices
cabinet an important group of policy advisors to the presidents made up of the executive department heads and a few other officials
checks and balances the system that gives each of the 3 branches of government ways to limit the powers of the other 2
commission a group of people or planning board appointed to a certain job by local government
commute to reduce
diplomacy the relations and communications carried out between countrys
electoral college a body of electors chosen or by a larger group
electors people who promise to cast votes for the candidate selected by voters
embassy a deputation or mission sent by one ruler or state to another.
executive agencies seperate to carry out some part of the executive functions
executive departments broadly responsible for implementing supporting and enforcing the laws made by the legislative branch and interpreted by the judicial branch
federalism the division of powers between states and the federal or national government
government the governing body of a nation,state,or community
impeach when a majority of the members of the house of representatives accuse the president or other high government official such as federal judge of serious wrong doing
order of succession which persons may become or acts as president of the united states in the incumbent president becomes incapacitated dies,resigns,or is removed from office
pardon the action of forgiving for en error of offense
regulatory commission a oversee the contrys interstate transmission and pricing of a variety of energy resorsourses
state of the union administrations view of the state of the union and plans for legislation
separation of powers dividing government power among legislative,executive,and judicial branches
veto right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law making body

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