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Term Definition
achievement noun: something done successfully; something gained by working or trying hard
acquire verb: to get as one's own
monotonous adjective: dull as a result of not changing in any way
debate noun: a discussion of reasons for or against something verb: to discuss reasons for and against something; to think about carefully before deciding
exhibit verb: to show clearly; to put on display noun: something shown to the public
foe noun: one who hates or tries to harm another; an enemy
latter adjective: closer to the end; relating to the second of two things discussed
massacre noun: the cruel killing of many people or animalsverb: to kill many people or animals in a cruel way
preserve verb: to keep safe from injury or ruin; to keep food from spoiling noun: an area set aside for the protection of wildlife
sanitary adjective: having to do with health; free of dirt and germs
sprawl verb: to lie or sit with arms and legs spread out; to spread out in a disorderly way
widespread adjective: happening in many places or to many people; fully open

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