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Administration The executive branch, headed by the president during his or her term.
Ambassador Someone who establishes a good, or stable relationship with another country, or place.
Biennial A celebration once every two years.
Budget A limit of money allowed to be spent within a given amount of time.
Bureaucracy A group of non elected government officials.
cabinet People elected by the president to be an official adviser.
Checks and balances A system that limits the powers of each branch of government.
Commissions The act of granting power to an authority to complete a certain task or duty.
Commute To change a prison sentence to something less severe.
Diplomacy Someone who represents the government of a country.
Electoral College A group of 538 people, who are selected by the voters in each state. This group elects the president and the vice president of the United States.
Electors People who elect the President and Vice president.
Embassy A building where diplomats work.
Executive agencies An agency of the executive branch.
Executive departments A department serving under the executive branch.
Federalism A supporting of the Constitution.
Government A ruling authority of a country,
Impeach To accuse an official of wrongdoing.
Order of succession A formula that determines who becomes president when the president becomes incapable.
pardon Release of the punishment by a president in a federal case.
Regulatory commission independent agency of the U.S. federal government that runs power projects.
Reprieve An order to stall a case until a higher court can have a hearing.
State of the Union A speech given every year in January by the president
Separation of powers The separation of powers between the three branches of government.
Veto A seal the president gives saying he/she denies the law.

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