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manifest destiny the attitude for American expansion
Thomas Paine the first work that openly asked for independence from Britain
shay's rebellion a series of protests in 1786 over taxes
Declaration of Independence a document declaring that we are independent from Britain and now our own nation
Why did American colonists settle where they did? This was a great area for crops and they had assistance from the Native Americans
Foundation of American Democracy The American democracy was created with the main goal of not being like Britain and putting the power to the citizens
why did the antifederalists oppose the ratification of the constitution The anti federalists opposed the ratification because they felt it didn't protect the people's rights enough, that's why the bill of rights was added.
Missouri compromise of 1820 This was when Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine was a free state
Louisiana purchase The United states bought about 820,000,000 from France.
economic differences of the north and south prior to civil war the north was much more prepared for the war, with a greater amount of factories and more money.
Lincoln's goal in the civil war Lincoln was trying to keep the union together
Seneca Falls convention first women's right convention
reconstruction period rebuilding the south after the civil war
President Andrew Johnson and reconstruction period he wanted to help the south with the transition from slavery to free men
result of the civil war The north one and the war left the south poor and practically falling apart.
black codes a law in 1865 that ended the civil war
native Americans Native Americans were treated horribly by american settlers, they were killed, their land was taken.
Chinese exclusion act of 1882 it was the first law that wouldn't allow immigration into the United States
Indian wars between 1860-1890 as American settlers moved west Native Americans were often forced out of their homes
homestead act of 1832 People would be able to have land from the government as long as they maintain it and grow crops
transcontinental railroad this was a railroad that went across the county
development of the great plains this territory wasn't really explored until the transcontinental railroad was constructed
three-fifths compromise this was where slaves would be counted for 3/5 of a person for the population
economic impact after the civil war The impact of the civil war was terrible for the united states and much more than a different war because we were fighting each other and because we were a new nation we didn't have the resources we needed.
tenements these were multi family homes with really poor living conditions, this was due to overcrowding in cities
women's suffrage movement This was when women began to demand respect and to be treated as equals. Women wanted to be able to vote
battleship Maine an american naval ship that sunk during the Cuban revolt against Spain
impressments refers to the act of taking men into the naval force by compulsion
trail of tears this was when a tribe of natives was forced to walk hundreds of miles from their homes, many died on the way.
why did the south secede from the union the south seceded because they didn't want to give up slavery because it was such a large part of how they made money
emancipation proclamation This was the ending of slavery in the united states
mukrackers american journalists who attacked people who were corrupt
who had job opportunities during ww1 women finally had job opportunities because the men were all away during the war
treaty of Versailles this treaty ended world war 1
league of nations an intergovernmental organization that was made after the paris peace conference
americans reaction to ww1 most Americans didn't want to go to war, they were afraid
Lusitania sinking a German boat fired a torpedo at this naval ship and it sunk may 7, 1915
Zimmerman telegram a secret diplomatic communication

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