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Locate the musculotendinous junction, apply friction. Reduces tone and spasm GTO
Manually shorten the muscle. Relaxes the muscle Tissue Approx
Move one group of muscles over the other. Allows for movement. Muscle Mob
Move along the fibers, slightly stretches muscle. Boosts circulation Stripping
Massage across the fibers, glide over the skin. Circulation Cross fiber Massage
In the lax position move the attachments closer together by moving the distal limb segment. Allows for deeper presentation Lax to Stretch
Find active lesion, apply friction. Used to break down adhesions Cross fiber friction
Finding trigger points, used to increase blood flow Trigger Points
Wide contact surface, press muscle against underlying tissues. Increases circulation Compression
Pinch muscle between fingers, money sign. Used to separate the fibers Compression with manipulation
Compression, spread the muscle against the fibers. Increased circulation Compression with broadening

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