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abroad Adv. to or in another country Syn. overseas, international, my friend often travel internationally
abrupt, adj- quick; without warning, Syn sudden: eg Yesterday there was an abrupt change in the weather of sacramento
acceptable adj. allowable or satisfactorysyn. permissible : the idea of making a gathering was acceptable for everone
acclaim n.acclaimed adj. acclamation. n n. enthusiastic approval; applausesyn. praise : Afghanistan has acclaimed abroad
actually adj. actual adv. being in existence; real or factualsyn. truly: the actual to allowed for toelf exam is varies from time to time
Adverseadversely adv. adversity n. adversary n. adj. displeasing, objectionable; or badsyn. unfavorable: last week adverse weather conditions made it difficult to play volleyball
advicev.adviseadj. advisablen. advisability n. a recommendation given by someone not associated with the problem or situation syn. suggestion: good advice is hard to find, it is not advisable to stay late the day before a test
attractive adj. appealing, creating interest
autonomous adj. independent, with no association
chronic adj. always present, constant
disappproval n. objection. the act of disagreeing,
disruptive adj. disturbing (causing confusion and interruption
haphazardly carelessly, having no order or pattern , by chance
presistent adj. constant: continuous; refusing to give up; firm in action or decision
postpone v. reschedule; to change to a later time: to delay
valid adj. convincing; : producing a desired result based on truths
withdraw v. extract ; to remove, take out, or take back
advantage n. benefits. something that may help one to be successful
advent n. arrival; the comming or appearance of something
agile adj. able to move in a quick and easy way nimble syn
albeit conj. in spite of the fact , although
appealing interesting, attractive, alluring
celebrated adj. acclaimed, well-known, and popular renowned
circumvent adj. to go around ; avoid; evade
collide v. crash : to hit one object against another.
contemporary adj. current: modern; up to date; modern; a person living at the same time as another
distribute v. dispense ; to divide among people or to give out
encourage v. stimulate: to promote; hep; or support
energetic adj. vigorous : full of life ; action or power
frail adj. fragile: weak in health or in body
heyday n. pinnacle : a high point of success or abundance
myth n. legend: and invented story or idea
refine v. perfect : to make pure; to improve
worthwhile adj. rewarding, value in doing something
alther v. modify: to change or make difference
analyze v. examine: to study something carefully; to separate into parts fo study
ancient adj. old: something form a long time ago ; very old
annoying adj. bothersome: a slight bother; disturbing to a person
anticipate v. predict : to thing about or prepare for something a head of time
ascertain v. determine : do discover; find out
conform v. adapt : to fallow established rules or pattern of behavior
inrich v. enhance: to make rich; to make something of greater value
intensify v. heighten: to make stronger in feeling or quality
intolerable adj. unbearable: difficult or painful to experience; not able to accept
ongoing adj. current ; continuing
potential n. possibility : an ability ; happening or opportunity that has not been occurred
propose v. suggest: plan to do something
staple n. essential : a fundamental element or principal part of something
restore v. revitalize: to give back or bring back something
turbulent adj. chaotic: to be in a disordered, disturbed or unstable condition
vital; vitality , vitally adj. indispensable: of great importance ; full of life
ambiguous adj. vague: of unclear meaning; something that can be understood
arbitrary adj. haphazard: an action or decision
assert v. declare: to express or defend oneself strongly; to state positively
astounding adj. astonishing , very surprising
astute adj. perceptive, very intelligent, smart, clever
concur v. agree : to have the same opinion
deceptively adv. misleadingly : making something appear true or good when it's false or bad
designage v. assign: to specify , name or select to do a task to indicate;
determined adj. resolute: strong in one opinion , firm in conviction
ambiguous adj. syn. vague : unclear meaning . something can be understood in more than one way. The man received and ambiguous message
arbitrary adj. haphazard, : an action or decision made with little thought her choice of cloths seem arbitrary
assert v. syn. declare: to express or defend oneself strongly: to state positively The government asserted its policy to control over the banking system
astounding adj. astonishing : very surprising .the scientist made an astounding discovery
astute adj. preceptive ….very intelligent , smart , clever,He was an stute worker , finishing in half the time it took the others
concur v. agree… have same opinion , draw the same conclusion The director concurred with the conclusion of the committees's report
deceptively . deceive v, deception n. adj: misleading : making something appear good or true when it is false or badPresident Ashraf Ghani and other Afghan leaders deceptively running the government of Afghanistan, which causes many inappropriateness in different aspect of people's l
designate: designation, n. designator n. v. assign: to specify m, name or select to do a task The president designated the voice president to represent him at the meeitings
determined , Determination n. determine v. adj. resolute: strong in one's opinion, firm in conviction, to find out
elicit , elicitation v. extract: to get the facts or draw out the trutha lawyer will elicit the facts necessary to prove her case.
embody, embodiment v. exemplify ; to be a good example of a concept or idea;I think Barak Obama embodies all the qualities of a good leader
instigate, instigated n. instigative adj. instinctively adv. v. initiate: to cause a conflict and argument no one knows how had instigated the demnistration
mundane adj. ordinary , common or routine eg. the student's mundane job frustrated her
petition , v/n: appeal: to make a requestAfghanistan petitioned the United Nation to consider Taliban as tourist group
relinquish v. : abdicate : to give up control eg; the co-director of the company relinquished her control of the company
resilient adj. tenacious : strong enough to recover from difficulty or diseaseRecio has a resilient personality and will soon feel better.
Temp , temptation , n. tempting adj. v. entice: to make it attractive to do something usually something not good the idea of getting rich quickly tempted him to invest his life saving
baffle v. puzzle , to confuse to a point at which no progress can be made that was a baffling question
bear v. yield to produce, to carry , to show; to endure
blureblurred adj. blur. n v. cluse : to make something difficult to useThis orchard bears many fine harvests of apples
brilliant adj. radiant : intensely bright or colorful; intelligentEinstein Was a brilliant thinker. She brilliantly produced a solution to the problem
caution cautions adj.cautionary adj. cautiously adv caution n v. warn: to alert someone of danger, warn someone , to take care or pay attention to something The officer cautioned the motorist to slow down
delicate: adj: fragile : needing careful treatment ; sensitive , easily brokenyou must handle the antique delicately.
enhanceenhancement n/ enhanced adj/ v. strengthen : to increase in a positive way. such as in beauty , value and powerI think passing the TEFL exam should enhance my overall English knowledge
facilitate v. assist: to make easier ; to ease the progresseg. My careful planning facilitated the completion of the scheduled work of this week
incessant adj. constant: nonstop, continual, or never endingThe woman's Incessant talking disturbed everyone watching the movies
in conjunction with prep. ph. along with : in addition to , alongsideThe architects planned the building in conjunction with the engineers
intrigue v. fascinate: to interest greatlyhe was intrigued by the acclaim that he received
obstructobstruction.n/ obstructive adj./ obstructively adv/ v. block: to prevent movement , progress , or success Just after the storm, downed trees obstructed many roads in the community
persuade. persuasively adv. persuasive adj. persuasion v. convince: to change a belief or behavior by argument or reason
recompense n. compensation : a repayment or reward for deed
shed v. discard: to throw off naturally; to give outin order to grow, crabs must shed their shells
unique uniquely, adv. uniqueness n,. adj. rare: to be the only one of the kindhe was presented with unique opportunities to attend the conference
well-suited adj. compatible : to be complementary or appropriate ; good muchthe design of the house is well-suited to its surrounding

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