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account N story: a report of and event; money kept in the back of statement of something used or received usually financial report
archaic ad. ancient: very old ; old fashioned; no longer used
bring about Ph.v . generate: to cause something to happen
enlighten v. instruct: to give information or understanding to someone
hasten v. accelerate : cause to go faster; move forward more quickly
hue n. color . the hue of the sunset was beautiful
inactive adj idle: not moving; not involved
intricate adj. complex: having many parts; finely detailed
magnitude n. dimension: of great size or importance *to increase
oblige: v. require: to have to do something
overlook v. disregard: to ignore or neglect
poll n survey: questionnaires; a vote of public opinion
practical adj. convenient or effective
Predominant adj. principle; The most noticeable or powerful element
prompt V. Induce , to cause something to happen ; do quickly ; be ontime
provoke v. trigger: to cause or produce negative behavior or result
decline v. decrease: to move from good to bad; or from much to little
gather v. collect, to collect
montion n. movement: the state of changing once position
outburst n. eruption : a sudden and intense release of something eg: The joke caused outburst of laughter from the audience
Partisan adj: biased: strongly supporting a group or point of veiw
pattern n habit: a regular; repeated arrangement or action
phenomena n. events : natural events or facts; strange or notable happenings
philanthropic adj. humanitarian : a feeling of love for people usually resulting in financial aid to worthy causes
placid adj. calm: quiet ; not easily upset
plentiful adj. abundant : more than sufficient
reaction, n. response; the change that occurs when substances are mixed
rhythm n. pulse: a regular pattern ; usually in music
scenic adj. picturesque: concerning pleasant natural surroundings
shallow adj. superficial: not from the top to the bottom
sheltered ajd. protected: protected from harmful elements ; isolated from reality
vanishing adj. disappearing : going out of sight
account n. story, a report of event, or money kept in the bank
archaic adj. ancient , very old ; old fashioned
bring about v. generate (to cause something happen.
enlighten v. instruct ( to give information or understand to someone
hasten v. accelerate . (to cause to go faster, move forward ; move quickly
hue n. color
inactive adj. idle . (not moving; not involved
intricate ad. complex . (having many parts)
magnitude n. dimension ( of great size or importance
oblige v. require . to have to do something
overlook v . disregard . (to ignore or neglect
poll survey n.
practical adj. functional;
isolated to keep separate from others
circulate distribute
subsequently afterward
provoke produce negative behavior
readily willingly
reluctantly unwillingly
predominant Principle, most noticeable ; or powerful element
profoundly significantly
impulsively adv. acting without thinking
unmistakable consistently , clearly able to determine
improperly inappropriately
exhibit v. to show or demonstrate
exhibit n. document provided for proof
`prone likely to do something
upstanding marked by integrity
Chapter 23
analogous /analogy adj. similar to , like in same way
approximately adv. around, almost correct
compel v. obliged : to make something happen by necessity or force
compile v. to collect , to assemble
formidable ad. overwhelming : difficult or causing worry
intrusive annoying , state of being inside when not desired to be there. ????????
periodic adj. regularly
prone adj. inclined to : likely to do something
prophetic adj. predictive : correctly telling about future events ??? ?????
proportions n dimension ????? ? ??????
readily adv. freely, willingly ; easily
relaibly adv. in a trusted way, dependable
reluctantly n hesitatingly, unwillingly
reown n prominence, fame ???? ? ??? . ?????
revive v. renew, restore to live, bring back to memory
triumph n. achievement, ; victory; success ?????? . ??? ???? ????
chapter 24
affordable adj. economical : able to be done without loss or damage ?? ???? ???????
contaminated adj. pollute : to make something impure by adding something dirty ?????
discernible adj. detectable ; easily visible detectable noticeable perceptible observable distinguishable recognizable identifiable apparente vident distinct appreciable clear obvious manifest conspicuousevidentobservable
flourishing adj. thriving ; active growing ; health ??? ???
maintain v. preserve ; to support ; to keep in a good condition
mediocre ad. average : of average quality no good or bad
negligible adj. insignificant , v. to ignore ; to give little attention, adj hardly noticeable ?? ????? ? ??????
negligence carelessness, ???? ? ????
parallel adj. similar, being almost of the same type or time
peculiar adj. unusual , uncommon strange
potent ad. powerful very strong
Remarkable adj. Exceptional , worth of mentioning , uncommon
scattered adj. dispersed : spread out widely ??? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???? ????? ????
solid adj. steady ???? . ???? ??????? ????
somewhat adj. slight, a little
stem from ph. v. originate to emerge or develop from something ???? ??
tedious adj. monotonous: long and tiring , tedious task, tedious job ???? ?????

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