toelf 15-20 Barrons

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agitate V. disturb: to shake or move; to cause worry
comply v. acquiesces : to agree to follow a request or command; to adhere to specific standard
confidential, adj. secret: to be said or writing in secret
delighted delightfully adj.delightfull adj.delight n. adj. elated : to be satisfied; very happy
discreetly discreet adj. adv. cautiously : in a careful . polite manner
documented documentary adj.document v.documentation n. adj. proven: proven with written evidence
evoke v. remind: to call up or produce memories or feelings; to cause to remember
graduallyadj. gradual adv. steadily : slowly, but surely :
impartial adj adj. objective: showing no favoritism , being fair or just
inordinate ordinately adj. excessive : a large amount or quantity; more than reasonable
instantly adv.instantaneous adj.instant adj.instant n. adv. immediately : happening immediately ; in short period of time
intentionally adv.intentional adj.intention n.intent. n. adv. deliberately : with definite purpose and planning
intrinsic . adj.intrinsically adv. adj. inherent: being primary part of something
inundate v. inundation n. v. overwhelm : to flood
mindset n. n. mentality: and established attitude or mood
nominal adj. moderate: very small; in form; but not in substance
presumably adv. presumably adj.presume v. presumption n. adv. supposedly : reported , but not confirmed

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