TRVL 110 quiz two

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Mileage plan Alaska
A advantage American
Sky miles Delta
Mileage plus United
WestJet rewards WestJet
Aeroplan Air Canada
Itinerary remark for International flights Please check in at least 90 minutes prior to departure to pre-clear US customs. Reconfirm flight times directly with the airline
Remarks for domestic flight itinerary Please check in at least 16 minutes prior to departure. Reconfirm flight times directly with the airline
Equipment code 3 Airbus
Equipment code 7 Boeing
Equipment code E Embraer
Equipment code CR Canadair regional jet
Equipment code DH De Havilland
Documentation information for international flight on itinerary A valid Canadian passport is required for this journey
Documentation and information for domestic flight on itinerary Valid government issued photo Identification is required for this journey
Baggage information for travel itinerary First checked bag- $_____CAD (Maximum weight ____lbs)
What is a morning flight 0500 to 1200
What is an afternoon flight 12 o'clock to 1800
What is an evening flight 1800 to 2359
What is a redeye flight Zero o'clock to 0500
Common rated cities or co terminals In various regions certain cities are common rated. For example New York LaGuardia and JFK airport as well as the Newark are common rated from Calgary. That means it can be the same price to fly from Calgary to anyone of these airports or cities
Open segment A segment that is booked without a flight number for the purpose of adding the appropriate fair to a ticket. Is used when using full fares. Open segments cannot be used when using discounted seats cell type is that require a return flight to be booked
Routing Each fare is published with a routing number. Routing refers to the connectIon city is allowed between the origin and destination
Booking code Alpha characters used to denote a specific fair type when making a reservation (I.e. Q,B,,M, etc.)
Fare basis Every fair is identified by an alpha numeric code called the fare basis
TFC Taxes fees and charges
What is an online trip Online is travel from origin to destination using one airline
What is an interline trip Interline is travel from origin to destination using more than one airline
Normal fare A normal fare is the full adult fare Established for unrestricted travel
Discount/promotional fares Discounted or reduced fares include one way or round trip faresDiscount fares carry restrictions and conditions as found in the fare rules
Excursion fares are published as round-trip fares and cannot be broken in half for a one-way tripThey can be broken in half in constructing the fair for a round-trip circle trip or open jawscarry restrictions and conditions as found in the fare rules
Through fares The publish fare from one airport to another using one airline one class of service but using two or more connecting flight at an intermediate pointEx. YVR——-YUL———LGAAC-K14NR $423
What is the rule for open jaws The un flown segment must be shorter than or equal to the shorter of the flown segments
Front cabin (F) First class is usually located in the front of the aircraft directly behind the cockpit. The seats are wide and there is ample legroom. Meal services are more extensive, drinks are complementary and one or more flight attendants are at your service
Middle cabin (J,C) Business class is located behind the first class and in front of economy class. Business class usually have upgraded meals wider states that economy and you may find one or my flight attendants assigned to this class
AFT cabin (Y or any other letter) In economy class seats and aisles are narrower.The meals must be purchased the only free drinks or non-alcoholic and the ratio a flight attendants two passengers is much less favorable. Discount fares are almost always based on the seating in economy
Connection/stop over For faring purposes, a change of plane on route to destination results in either a connection or a stopover. I connection often allows through fare. A stop over requires adding two fares together
Connection (X) The passenger has to do one of the following:Departs within four hours of arrivingDeparts on the first available flightDeparts flight that leaves later than the four hour rule or later than the first available flight but arrives earlier
Stop over (O) I'll stop over occurs when the rules for connection are not followed at the change point
Electronic Ticketing E-ticket us a simplified ticketing method that substitutes paper ticket coupons with an electronic message. It reduces administrative costs for the travel agency by simplifying ticket issuance and distribution

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