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Why should people book with a travel agent Best value for your dollarMaximum choiceCustomer advocateConvenient one stop shoppingExpert guidancePersonalize serviceProfessional adviceTime savingTrustUnbiased information
What a travel agent needs for client knowledge TactKnowing the clients expectationsKnowing the clients preferencesAnticipating needs
What a travel agent needs for product knowledge InternetAssessment skills (why is it a good value)Up-to-date
What a travel agent needs for sale abilities Culturally awarePersuasive but not pushyProfessional appearanceMemorableLikeable
When I travel agent needs for good administration CommunicationOrganizedPunctual
What is the trade association A group of people who get together with a common job
Join the trade association Make contact with other in the same field networking shows commitment to your field
Three main purposes of a trade association ProtectionPromotionInformation
How do trade associations protect their members interests Set a great year for membership so student government to introduce or change or legislation
How to trade associations promote their members interest Advertise in consumer in trade media to express the members views or advertise all members
How do trade associations inform Informing members industry government and or the public meet on a regular basis to share information published newsletter to inform and get people Acacian visible to industry at tradeshows and conferences
CITC Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors Represents: travel counsellorsProgram for for my professional development on certification individual memberships
ACTA Association of Canadian travel agenciesRepresents travel agenciesAgencies Are voting members represents the retail travel section membership based on the size of agencies allied members: tour operators car rentals etc.
CATO Canadian Association of tour operatorsRepresents tour operators
Edmonton tourism and economic development Edmonton tourism Enterprise EdmontonShaw conference centreStartup EdmontonTech Edmonton Make something Edmonton Edmonton research park
Key partnerships with Edmonton tourism City of EdmontonTravel AlbertaEdmonton international airportEdmonton Destination marketing hotelsDestinations Canada Major venuesAttractionsLocal tourism operatorsLocal businesses
Funding for Edmonton tourism Travel Alberta 8%EDMH 47%Destination marketing partners 3%City of Edmonton 42%
Edmonton tourism goal Drive sustainable year round visitation
Edmonton tourisms influence Exploreedmonton.comSocial mediaYEG expertsAmbassador programYEG weekend (guidebook)Visitor information centreConference and event servicesMedia coverageWayfinding signageVirtual conciergeFree Wi-FMobile kiosks
How do people plan trips Consideration evaluation purchase advocacy
Why are you enhance visitor experience Stay longerSpend moreCome back
Destination management organization(DMO) Partnership/connectionsMarketing Leveraged funding52 week calendarTourism in product development
Key markets for Edmonton tourism Canada United States United Kingdom NetherlandsGermanyChina
Supportive market for Edmonton tourism South Korea JapanAustralia Scandinavia France
Jobs in Edmonton tourism Meetings and conventionsEdmonton eventsConsumer marketingTravel mediaTravel tradeVisitor experienceStockholder relations
What do you people in meetings and conventions do Stimulate economic impact generate future business and build image
What do you people in Edmonton events do Attract major sports/culture build/foster relationships build image
What do people in consumer marketing do Destination marketing online presence/engagement creating advocates
What do people in travel media do I didn't build image/reputation influence compelling content
What do people in travel trade you About distribution channels, defend air access, drive itineraries
What do people in the visitor experience do Quality of customer service, supporting the in destination experience
What do people in tourism development do Four seasons 52 weeks, facilitated event growth and product development enhancing the visitor experience
What do people in stockholder relations do Build and foster relationships, industry support, quality and customer service
TIAC Tourism Industry Association of CanadaRepresents any company with an interest in domestic tourism
ASTA American Society of Travel AgentsRepresents agents and agencies
ARTA Association of Retail Travel AgentsRepresents Travel Agents
What does The Travel Institute do Educational programs, designations, instructional materials and training
ANTOR Association of National Tourist Office RepresentativesRepresents provincial and national tour offices
PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association Represents conduct business in pacific Asia
CTO Caribbean Tour Organization Represents Caribbean countries
Four divisions of the CITC Events- seminars workshops and conferences sporting events Membership- industry discounts website directory Publications- newsletters textbooks magazines distance learning and specialist programs Education standards- endorse textbooks/ curriculums
CTC Certified travel counsellors
Steps for ctc certification 1. Enrol for certification2. Pass a knowledge exam 3. Occupational experience4. Performance evaluation5. Maintaining certification
Counsellors are there to provide what the client needs not what the counsellor wants to sellThis can be achieved by assisting client needs and finding the best possible product to fulfill those needsWhat aspect of professional is this? Honesty Clients are relying on your expert unbiased honest professional advice
Information that you provide your clients must be comprehensive factual and accurate where is understandable to the choir calculation should be verifiedWhat aspect of professionalism is this? Accuracy

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