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Define political impacts of tourism The political situation in a country sets the tone for its tourism activity. Another aspect of a political impact is the way governments can use tourism to generate wealth and employment
Examples of the political impacts on tourism New requirements to enter/ exitTerrorist attacksWho's in chargePolitical stability/ civil unrest
Define the economical impact of tourism Tourism plays a leading role in international trade flows and balance of payment. The process of "new money" being introduced to an area and then circulated within it is called the "Multiplier Effect"
Example of economic impacts on tourism New attractions Value of currency Economic downturnLose of jobs or increase of jobs Bringing third world country out of poverty
Define Environmental impact on tourism Tourisms environmental impact is increasing in importance as environmental awareness grows. Proper planning is required to protect the environment on a long term basis
Examples of environmental impacts on tourism Pollution LitterErodes natural attractions UNESCO- control it
Define social impacts on tourism the social structure of an area can be quite disrupted by tourism. Many social impacts are also economical impacts
Examples of social impacts on tourism Increasing need for a skilled workforce People have more money Less welfare More affordable housing Displaces people
Define cultural impacts on tourism One of the most difficult impacts to assess. Can be both negative and positive at the same time
Examples of the cultural impacts on tourism Countries losing culture to become successful Culture gets recognition Increase in educational centres People become more tolerant and accepting People do things for money instead of culture
What are the 5 things travel documentation encompasses 1. Passport and visa regulations 2. Entry and exit requirements 3. Health requirements 4. Customs regulations 5. Currency restrictions
Travel counsellors are required by law to advise clients regarding what kind of travel documentation is required to Enter transit and exit a country (includes returning to Canada)
Common used sources for information on documentation requirements Internet/ government sources GDSTIMDirectly from countries consulat/ embassy
Without proper documents a traveler may be 1. Refused entry into a country 2. Not be able to board a flight or or cruise 3. Put into quarantine without proper vaccines
ACTA info Est 1977 national trade association Industry-led, non-profit, membership based1,400 travel agents
What does ACTA do? Advocates and lobbyCommunication and public relations to governments and travel industry partners Preform and communicate research
ACTA people Love to travel Love to make travel plans
Is becoming a travel agent a viable option YesCanadians spend $35 billion outside the country Canadians are increasing their vacation budget in 2017Baby boomers are retiring = more jobs
IATA RPKS roseStrongest increase in 5 years
Millennial travelers 1978-1999Looking for unique and authentic travel but don't have money Health and wellness Adventure travel
Types of travel counsellors Leisure travel- $33,300 per year Corporate travel- highly organized, strong GDS skillsCall centre travel counsellors Home based travel counsellor- purchase a license to become an agent for one of the home based networks
Other jobs Tour operators- reservations, sales, destination services, yield, product build, marketing Hotel and resorts
What does yield mean Aircraft load
What is vertically integrated Self sufficient Owns airlines, owns retail, owns tour operators, owns hotel share, destination management
Emerging travel opportunities Tourist boards Airlines Cruise ships (growing industry)
How to get involved Volunteer (networking)FilingAnswering phonesAdministration workAttend industry events
Getting certified CTCShows you are serious Validates knowledge Validates experience (1800 hrs)Sets you apart Widely recognized Mandatory for national travel organizations Gives your resume an edge
What is the CTC knowledge exam 125 multiple choice questions 4 hoursGeography/ maps destinations etcPerformance appraisalAirline/ airport codes Process client bookings & follows$195
How to find a job Be enthusiastic Corporate or leisure Know your GDSCatch the eye of an agency
Objectives of travellers health services INCREASE AWARENESS of services provided by travellers health services
What does travellers health services do Alberta health services program offers pre-travel services Cost recovery program staffed by RN'S provides most up to date information
What are the full services offered by travellers health services Counselling- risk of disease and their prevention Vaccines- require and recommend pre-travel vaccinePrescriptions- anti-malaria, travellers diarrhoea
Do you need an appointment for the travellers health services clinic Yes it is by appointment only
What can you buy at the travellers health services clinic store Treated netsHydratation pills Insect repellent Water purification system
When is it recommended to visit the travellers health services clinic Recommended minimum of 4-6 weeks before departure in case vaccine requires a series
What are the "like services" to the travellers health services clinic Private clinics Pharmacies Doctors office But THS are specialists
What are the 3 R's of vaccines Required Recommended andRoutine
Required Legally mandated Yellow fever (YF): South America and Africa Meningococcal: the hajiPolio: WHO requirement
Yellow fever One vaccine gives a lifetime of protection Can't be vaccinated if:-allergic to eggs, chicken protein or sorbitol
Meningococcal Inflammation of the lining of the brain 5 years (get it in grad 9)
What are some recommended vaccines Hepatitis A Hepatitis BTyphoid Rabies Japanese influenza MMR
Hepatitis A Attacks liverBy person, food or water Fever, fatigue, nausea, jaundice, loss of appetite Symptoms last weeks to months If someone gets it as a child they are immuneLifetime immunity 2 doses 6-12 months apart

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