Types of Rocks Classification of Rocks Mini-Assessment

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Which of the following statements explains the relationship between rocks and minerals? Rocks are made up of one or more types of minerals.
The names of the three major groups of rocks come from how the rocks were formed.
Which kind of rock is formed when volcanic lava cools? Igneous
Igneous rocks are classified by where they are formed. Which type of igneous rock forms underground? Intrusive
Extrusive rocks are formed by lava cooling on Earth's surface.
Which of the following is an igneous rock? Gneiss, Rock Salt, Marble, or Granite Granite
Which type of rock is formed when sediments are compacted and cemented together? Sedimentary
Where are most fossils found? in sedimentary rock.
Which of the following is a sedimentary rock? Basalt, Marble, Obsidian, Rock Salt/Halite rock salt/Halite
A _____ rock is formed by extreme heat and pressure. Metamorphic
Which of the following is a metamorphic rock? Marble, Granite, Gabbro, or Obsidian Marble
The oldest fossils would be found in what layer of sedimentary rock? Top or Bottom Bottom

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