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Jane Addams founder of Hull House, a settlement house for the New Immigrants that helped them by providing job training, English classes, food, and other things
muckrakers journalists who wrote about the problems created by industrialization and urbanization; ex. Jacob Riis who wrote about the terrible conditions in tenements
Theodore Roosevelt Progressive president who was known as trustbuster because he broke up monopolies; also liked to protect the environment ; his platform was the Square Deal
William Howard Taft Progressive president who focused on child labor; created the Department of Labor and worked to improve working conditions
Woodrow Wilson Progressive president who focused on banking reform, reducing monopolies, and lowering taxes on goods from other countries; his platform was the New Freedom; created the Federal Reserve that still monitors banking today
labor unions groups of workers who joined together to protest for better working conditions and benefits like health care, sick leave, overtime pay
tenements crowded, unsanitary apartments where many immigrants lived; allowed diseases to spread quickly
monopoly when one company controls an entire industry, allowing that company to control the price & over-charge consumers; ex. Andrew Carnegie had one over the steel industry & John D. Rockefeller had one over the oil industry

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