unit 1 and 2 vocab unit 1 and 2

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Term Definition
altemate keys exectea commands with other keys
arrow keys moves the insertion point in the arrow on each key
backspace deletes the character to the left on the insertion point
caps lock capitalize all the letters when locked down
control keys executes commands with other keys
delete remove the character to the right of the insertion key
enter/return causes the insertion point to move to the left margin and down to the next line
escape key closes a software menu or dialog box
function key special keys located at the top of the keyboard (f1, f2, f3, etc.) that are used alone or with the ctrl, alt, and shift keys to execute software commands
gross words a minute the number of standards of standerd word keyed in one minute
hardware is the physical parts of a computer system such as the monitor,keyboard,and the hard drive
home keys the keys where you place your finger to began keying a s d f for the left hand and j k l for the right hand
keyboarding the correct seating postion taught when developing typing skills
service keys special keys that allow you to use the computer to perform specific functions
shift keys makes capital letters and certain system when used with thos keys
software progeams and routines that control the function of a computer
space bar insertsspace between words and sentrnces
tab key moves the insert point to a preset potion
word wrap causes text to move automatically to a new line when the current line is full

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