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ser to be
soy I am
tu eres you are(informal)
el es he is
ella es she is
Ud. es you are(formal)
nosotros somos we are
vosotros sois you all are(informal)
ellos son they are(m. / m.&f.)
ellas son they are(f.)
Uds. son you all are(formal)
aburrido(a) boring
alto(a) tall
amable nice
amigable friendly
antipatico(a) mean
artistico(a) artistic
atrevido(a) darin
bajo(a) short
bonito(a) pretty
callado(a) quiet
comico(a) funny
debil weak
delgado(a) skinny
desordenado(a) unorganized
emocionante exciting
estricto(a) strict
fastidioso(a) annoying
feo(a) ugly
fuerte strong
generoso(a) generous
gordo(a) fat
gracioso(a) funny
guapo(a) handsome
hablador(a) talkative
honesto(a) honest
impaciente impatient
inteligente smart
interesante interesting
listo(a) clever
mentiroso(a) liar
ordenado(a) organized
paciente patient
perezoso(a) lazy
popular popular
prudente cautious
serio(a) serious
simpatico(a kind
tacano(a) stingy/cheap
talentoso(a) talented
tonto(a) silly
trabajador(a) hard-working
calvo (a) bald
moreno(a) brunette
pelirrojo(a) redhead
rubio(a) blonde

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