Vocab # 6

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Term Definition
Striated A muscle that is attached to bones in the body.
Smooth A muscle that works automatically in your body, such as those involved in digestion.
Cardiac A muscle that is found only in the heart.
Ligament Strong connective tissue that holds bones together in movable joints.
Tendon Strong connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone.
Cartilage A connective tissue that is more flexible than bone and that protects the ends of bones.
Peristalsis Involuntary waves of muscle contraction that keep food moving along in one direction through the digestive system.
Esophagus A muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.
Epiglottis A flap of tissue that seals off the trachea and prevents food from entering.
Digestion The process by which the body breaks down food into small nutrient molecules.

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