zoology Classification and evoltuion

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Term Definition
evolution gradual change in a species over time made up of five major theories
perpetual change life is always changing
fossil record documents change
fossils preserved remains or traces of organisms that lived in the past they are found in sedimentary rock layers
new on top of old material comparative aging of fossils
radiometric dating telling age by amount of change in a radioactive element, determines age of fossils using radioactive isotopes
gradualism change occurs slowly
common descent all life descend from a common ancestor
molecular biology comparing DNA,RNA protein sequences between organisms
multiplication of species species split off population and create new species
Species group of similar/related animals that can breed and have fertile offspring
natural selection new trait helps survival rates, those organisms will survive to have offspring w/ same characteristics
adation behavioral or anatomical trait evolved by natural selection improves ability to survive and produce offspring
natural selection organisms that are better adapted to thier envirment survive and reproduce more successfully than less well adapted organisms do

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